How Your Gifts Help

Even the smallest donation can make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats we help. Here are a few ways your contribution improves the future of abused and neglected animals:


  • Provides 5 rabies vaccinations
  • Feeds a dog for 5 days

$ 25

  • Feeds a cat for 1 month
  • Buys 1 dozen gallons of bleach

$ 35

  • Provides 8 feline leukemia/aids tests

$ 50

  • Provides spay/neuter surgery for 1 animal
  • Buys 350 lbs. cat litter
  • Buys 1 tank of gasoline for our Mobile Adoption vehicle

$ 75

  • Buys 1,000 pairs of sterile cleaning gloves
  • Funds 5 heartworm tests

$ 100

  • Enables us to implant 20 microchips to ensure lost pets can find their way home


  • Provides 4 cases of cat/dog food for special dietary needs


  • Provides surgery for a sick or injured animal
  • Buys disinfectant and cleaning supplies


  • Pays for 1 month of gasoline for our Cruelty Investigation vehicle
  • Buys 1 complete set of surgical instruments needed to perform spay and neuter surgeries


  • Provides 2 surgeries for injured animals
  • Buys 2,000 lbs. of dry dog food

No matter the size of your donation, every little bit helps.


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Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs


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