HSMSC Announces New Public Hours

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County will adjust the hours we are open to the public starting on Tuesday, April 26. Our new hours are as follows:

Sunday: 10am-6pm
Monday: CLOSED (as always)
Tuesday: 1-6pm
Wednesday: 1-6pm
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: 1-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm

As we are 100% funded by private donations, we must always make sure that we are making the best and most efficient use of donor funds. We’ve recently reviewed what time...

Humane Society Rescues Six Dogs from Poor Living Conditions

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County’s cruelty investigator removed six dogs and made an arrest in connection with the case at a home in the Westwood Community of southwest Memphis.

(One of the dogs, named Stonewall at HSMSC, is pictured at left approximately two weeks after being taken into custody.)

On April 13, 2016, HSMSC criminal investigator J. Morgret responded to a complaint alleging cruelty to an...

Humane Society Cruelty Investigator Rescues Two Dogs

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County’s cruelty investigator removed two dogs from a home south of downtown Memphis.

On April 13, 2016, HSMSC criminal investigator John Morgret responded to a complaint alleging cruelty to animals at a home at 815 Henderson Place in Memphis. Morgret was met on the scene by the Memphis Police Department, and they observed two dogs chained in a makeshift pen behind a small apartment ...

Kitten Season is Here - Supplies Needed!

It's KITTEN (and puppy!) SEASON! What does that mean? Kitten season is a time of year when cats give birth, so shelters like us are flooded with homeless litters who need bottle feeding to survive. Kitten season usually starts in spring, peaks in early summer, and can go all the way to fall.

Newborn kittens and puppies without Mom require special supplies, like formula, bottles, and as they grow, soft food, puppy pads, litter pans, e...

Humane Society Rescues Dogs from Abandoned Midtown Property

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County’s cruelty investigator removed four dogs from an abandoned property in north Memphis.

On March 7, 2016, HSMSC criminal investigator John Morgret responded to a complaint at a home at 789 N. Willett St. in Memphis. From the driveway of the home, the investigator observed four dogs in a storage shed: a Rottweiler, a brindle-colored pit bull, and two small poodle mixes. Th...

Humane Society Rescues Pit Bull from Chain

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County’s cruelty investigator removed a female pit bull mix from a home in southeast Memphis last week.

On Feb. 25, 2016, HSMSC criminal investigator John Morgret responded to a complaint at a home on Nelson Way Drive in Memphis. The investigator observed a brown pit bull-type dog that was chained up and emaciated with ribs, hips and spine clearly visible. The investigator also observed a sign...

6-week-old Puppy Now Recovering from Severe Mange

Meet Kelvin. Late yesterday, a caring couple brought this pitiful little guy to us after seeing him for a couple days in their apartment complex. He was all alone, and he was clearly struggling.

Kelvin, who we think is an American Bulldog mix, is only about 6 weeks old, and he is absolutely eaten up with demodex mange. He's probably had it to some degree for most of his short life. But it's so bad now that if this couple h...

The Importance of Dog Body Language

Last week, many of us in the animal welfare community were disappointed by a local reporter’s reaction to a loose, seemingly friendly dog approaching him, and disappointed in the TV station characterizing it as “fun times.” The reporter, Earle Farrell with FOX-13 Memphis, contacted us yesterday to ask us how he should have handled the situation. One of the core tenets of our mission is to “foster public sentiment of humanity and gentleness...

HSMSC Spayed & Neutered 109 Feral Cats for World Spay Day

Many organizations & individuals in the community helped make this high-volume spay/neuter event possible

On Feb. 22, at HSMSC, we held a high-volume spay/neuter event for feral and community cats. We exceeded our goal of spaying/neutering 100 cats, having spayed or neutered a total of 109 cats! MANY THANKS to all involved who made this possible!

HSMSC’s World Spay Day veterinary team was made up of Angela Middleton...

Metropolitan Bank raises money for HSMSC through JUKE'n for a Cause

Metropolitan Bank is offering several ways that their clients and members of the public can help HSMSC through their new JUKE'n for a Cause Campaign. Check it out!

You may have heard that Tennessee is the first state to have an animal abuse registry, and that it went into effect January 1. Here's more from Local Memphis, including an interview from HSMSC, on what is involved in this registry.

Video: http://www.localmemphis.com/news/local-news/tennessee-first-state-to-have-animal-abuse-registry

Bookmark the Animal Abuse Registry page on the TBI website; it's empty now but as felony animal abuse convictions start taking place, it will f...

Keep your pets safe if you must evacuate for flooding

Flood waters are rising and slowly creeping into some MidSoutherners homes. If you have to evacuate your home, do NOT leave your animals behind. You will endanger the lives of not only your animals, but emergency personnel who may attempt to rescue.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • Medical and vaccination records: Many clinics will not house your pets in their boarding kennels without proof of current vaccinations.
  • ...

It's time to re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards!

Hopefully you've already been earning money for HSMSC every time you use your Kroger Plus card on groceries or gas using their Community Rewards Program! If you have, it's time to re-enroll, and if you haven't, now is a great time to sign up! Kroger resets customers on January 1, so if you still want donations to come to HSMSC, you must re-enroll now. There is absolutely no cost to you other than what you're already spendin...

New Year's Eve: Second Worst Day for Pets Getting Lost

Pet owners, please take extra precautions on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! The fireworks that come along with the New Year holiday can be very stressful for pets, and as a result, can cause pets to escape from their yards or homes.

Teresa Martin, founder of the Lost and Found Pets of the Mid-South Facebook page, which helps reconnect pet owners with lost pets, says that, after Independence Day, New Year’s Day is he...

Humane Society Rescues 18 Dogs from Northaven Home

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County’s cruelty investigator and emergency services team removed 18 dogs, including 12 adult dogs and six newborn puppies, from a home in North Memphis last week.

On Dec. 21, 2015, HSMSC criminal investigator John Morgret responded to a complaint at a home on Belfast Drive in Memphis. The investigator observed a backyard littered with debris, fecal material littering the yard, one wad...

Humane Society Announces 2015 Volunteer Awards

HSMSC recently hosted our 2015 volunteer holiday party. We take this opportunity every year to celebrate our amazing volunteers. We love each and every one of these wonderful folks who make our mission possible, but each year we recognize a select few who really went above and beyond.

Our 2015 award recipients are at left. Pictured: Phillip Van Zandt Photography, Best Photographer Friend; Dave Eizinger, Outstanding Hospice Fos...

Humane Society, MPD Arrest and Charge Suspect w/ 8 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Nine animals taken to the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County, in cooperation with the Memphis Police Department, investigated, arrested, and charged Memphis pet owner Jessica Montesi last week with eight counts of cruelty to animals, among other charges.

On Dec. 10, 2015, HSMSC criminal investigator John Morgret, with the assistance of MPD, issue...

Defendant Sentenced in Heat Stroke Death of Puppy
Puppy died in hot car while owner inside Wolfchase Galleria on July 29

Alexis Cain, a pet owner who was investigated by the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County and arrested for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, was convicted of the Class E felony and sentenced to two years in prison.

On Aug. 9, 2015, HSMSC Criminal Investigator Morgret assisted MPD in arresting Alexis Cain for an offense committed in July. On July 29, 2015...

Help for the Holidays

There are many ways to get involved and help HSMSC this holiday season! Keep reading to find out how!

Holiday Cards

Take advantage of this time-saving (and life-saving!) opportunity to allow HSMSC send out your holiday cards on your behalf! For $10 per card, we'll take care of everything--you just give us the recipients' names and addresses! Once you make your donation here ($10 for each card you would like sent), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the same e...

Build Your Own Protective Shelter for Community Cats

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County and Memphis Pets Alive! recently partnered to host a workshop showing concerned citizens how to build an outdoor protective shelter for community and/or feral cats in their neighborhoods. The shelter is easy and inexpensive to put together, and it provides potentially life-saving warmth for community cats.

Click here for a list of supplies and instructions.

Click here to lear...


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